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The magical architecture of the Villa of Modolo

Classic or made-to-measure: endless dream variants

At Villa di Modolo every event is a unique opportunity. The variety of the location, suitable for every type of wedding and the many possibilities of preparation make each reception a universe in itself. The beautiful gardens are a perfect stage for a country wedding, elegant but informal, surrounded by the colors and scents of the countryside.

The rooms of the Villa with the large Hall of Views, the majestic Room of Sundials (288 square meters) with its large wooden trusses and the old floor in larch staves, ideal place for a convivial ceremony with a cosy atmosphere, and the Room of Columns, where you can give vent to the dances, complete a ‘offer that has no equal in the province of Belluno.

The view of the countryside and the Dolomites complete the scenery and contribute to making unique and unrepeatable the event of a lifetime.

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