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Villa di Modolo

In the heart of the Dolomites, a few kilometers from Belluno there is Villa di Modolo, a beautiful mansion built in the seventeenth century by the Miari, counts for decree of Emperor Sigismund since 1412.

The natural setting and the magical atmosphere of its rooms make the Villa di Modolo, a perfect convivial space to live the most beautiful moments and realize the dream of an unforgettable party.


According to the history the Miari family originate from the Vicenza Area, hometown of the sons of Felice Miari, founder of the Belluno lineage in the XI century.

Further reading

Villa di Modolo is one of the 15 main villas of the province of Belluno and is included in the catalog of one hundred Venetian villas by Antonio Canova.

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Villa di Modolo offers many venues for hosting events such as weddings, business meetings, photo shoots, art exhibitions in a beautiful and picturesque setting.

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